Past Events

2024-05-07 Cyber Update and Practical Advice
2024-02-26 AGI or Strong AI between myths and reality!
Old BCS Bedford branch events
2023-11-06 Futurology - The Future of Proof
2023-06-27 AI & ChatGPT, a risky opportunity!
2023-02-22 The Dark Web, a disturbing truth!
2022-12-08 Practical Computing in a GP practice
2022-11-07 High Performance Computing in Action With HILDA (AGM)
2022-03-14 Programming without Code – Really !
2021-12-13 Cyber Crimes, Insurance and Aftermath
2021-11-08 NBEC: National Beyond Visual Line of Sight Corridor for safe UAV operations
2021-10-11 HILDA – The Next Generation of High Performance Computing
2021-06-14 Headless Technology - building websites faster & smarter
2021-05-10 Exciting times for UK FinTech?
2021-04-12 Conversation on Internet Manipulation and Fake News
2021-03-15 AI - Deep Learning
2021-02-08 Cyber Physical Systems with application in IoT
2021-01-11 Society and IT: Adapting to the New Normal — a discussion
2020-09-14 Quantum: a new era for Computing?
2020-09-09 Virtual Coffee Drop-In
2020-03-11 A brief history of ARM
2020-02-12 Edge Computing
2019-11-27 IBM Blockchain Workshop
2019-11-19 EVENT POSTPONED - Cyber security, jobs and skills - Have you got what is needed?
2019-11-14 Ransomware – Kill Chain and Defence!
2019-11-12 Cyber Crimes and Fraud Update
2019-09-11 Ransomware! Kill chain and Defence - AGM
2019-07-21 Bletchley Park - The National Museum of Computing - Family Day
2019-06-25 Machine Learning
2019-05-21 Blockchain Today
2019-05-14 GDPR - One Year on
2019-03-20 Lightning Talks
2019-02-25 Digital Forensics
2018-11-29 Weaponised PDFs
2018-11-01 Cyber security, jobs and skills - have you got what is needed?
2018-10-31 Visit to ONI Data Centre
2018-09-19 Skunk Works and Agile - then, now and the future!
2018-07-22 Bletchley Park - The National Museum of Computing - Family Day
2018-07-12 BCS (Bedford Branch) Schools Challenge 2018 Prize Presentation
2018-06-26 IOT Update including Smart Metering, Smart Cities
2018-05-22 Changing Security Behaviours – From Knowing to Doing
2018-04-18 Demystifying data - What truly is big data, IoT, the cloud and being "data driven"?
2018-03-21 High Performance Computing in Cranfield University
2018-02-22 GDPR: Of course you are ready
2018-02-06 "User Friendliness - ‘P’ soup"
2017-12-05 Digital Aviation - e-enabled Aircraft and Implications
2017-10-31 Blockchain / Crypto Currency
2017-09-26 The Kata of Change - How to Flow with the Unknown
2017-09-12 Scratch: programming language for 5 years old and beyond; AGM.
2017-07-16 Bletchley Park - The National Museum of Computing - Family Day
2017-07-04 Computer Law (including data protection Law) after Brexit
2017-06-15 BCS Bedford Challenge School Competition Prize Award
2017-05-16 Meeting postponed
2017-03-14 Brex-IT: How to do IT?
2017-02-21 Artifical Intelligence: How did we get here and where are we going?
2017-01-19 BCS (Bedford Branch) School Challenge 2017
2017-01-17 Configuration & Software Asset Management
2016-11-23 Cybercrime - Prevent and Protect
2016-11-08 Disability, Accessibility, Personalisation, Inclusion and Design.
2016-09-25 Bletchley Park - The National Museum of Computing - Family Day
2016-09-20 Fortran, alive and well at 59! (Inc. Branch AGM)
2016-06-28 Information Risk In The Real World
2016-06-23 Bedford BCS Challenge Prize Presentation
2016-04-12 Social Project Management - Go Social or Die
2016-03-15 Making IT Good for Society
2016-03-02 Biologically Inspired Computing
2016-02-23 Network Rail Southeast Map Project
2016-01-27 How to select your new cloud provider: A rigorous, effective and proven approach
2015-11-24 What is Social Media? How do I make the most of it?
2015-10-07 Smart Phone Security
2015-09-16 Cyber - The challenge for us all
2015-07-19 Bletchley Park - The National Museum of Computing - Family Day
2015-06-19 Bedford BCS Challenge Prize Presentation
2015-06-13 BCS App-A-Thon - Guinness World Records Challenge
2015-06-13 BCS App-a-thon Guinness World Records Challenge
2015-06-09 Top Ten Tips For Digital Incident Response
2015-04-21 Cooperative indoors localisation between Smartphones based on onboard GNSS receivers, wireless communication transceivers and inertial sensors
2015-03-25 Google's Self-Driving Car - Be Driven
2015-03-24 Stop Social Media Marketing! (Unless...)
2015-02-26 School Challenge 2015
2015-02-25 Computer Security and Ethical Hacking
2015-02-11 Women in Computing – Breaking Myths and Broadening Horizons
2015-01-28 Risk Attenuation and Management in Software Projects
2014-12-02 The Future of Technology and Innovation
2014-11-27 Mobile Apps Demo 2014
2014-10-14 Project success or failure – what’s governance got to do with it
2014-09-17 Cyber Security - A McAfee Perspective
2014-06-25 Bedford BCS Challenge Prize Presentation
2014-05-13 Hacking the Internet of Things (BCS Bedford branch and IET)
2014-03-14 Computing in Schools and Careers
2014-02-26 Designing for The Connected Consumer: Adapting to changes in customer behaviour - Responsive Web Design
2014-02-04 Introduction to IT service management
2013-12-05 Data security and resilience in the 21st century. Visit to Secured Data Centre
2013-11-19 IT Recruitment
2013-10-22 Instrumentation and computation to understand earth’s atmosphere
2013-10-02 More free ways to market your business
2013-09-18 BCS Bedford Branch AGM
2013-05-15 Business Applications of Mobile Apps
2013-04-24 Nano Enabled Integrated Structural Health Monitoring - IET event organised by the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire local network.
2013-03-27 How understanding social media can help your business
2013-02-26 WiFi Networks: The Practicalities of Implementing A WiFi Network
2013-01-22 Mobile Apps
2012-11-27 The Way The Cookies Crumble
2012-10-04 Getting your business found in the search engines - what's new and what's important? Joint event with Bedford College.
2012-09-18 BCS Bedford Branch AGM
2012-06-28 Hollywood Effect on Digital Forensics
2012-05-15 Mobile apps
2012-04-18 What really matters for successful ecommerce - Get back to basics
2012-03-22 Information, data and metadata: why they need to be managed
2012-03-15 Empirical Studies of Software Development - research at The Open University
2012-02-09 Hitting the Mark – Effective Email Marketing
2011-12-15 IT Security for SMEs - Who wants your information, why and what you can do to keep it secure
2011-09-13 Annual General Meeting - BCS Bedford
2011-05-18 Online Business Marketing for the Non-Technical
2011-03-30 Celebrating Over a Century of Electronics - IET and BCS
2011-02-16 Home PC Security – How safe are you? Myths and legends - IET and BCS
2011-02-15 Information privacy and security – advanced research in Open University
2011-01-27 The Lazy Project Manager and The Art of Productive Laziness
2011-01-19 Control Challenges for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry - IET and BCS
2010-12-16 Integrated Vehicle Health Management Networking Evening (EEDA, BCS Bedford, IET)
2010-12-16 Computer Gaming - IET and BCS
2010-12-07 'Who Owns' - IET and BCS
2010-11-11 University of Bedfordshire showcase
2010-11-10 Corporate and Personal Privacy in the Online World, EEESTA
2010-10-21 Digital Marketing - From Google Tools to Social Networking
2010-09-15 Annual General Meeting
2010-06-19 Vintage Computer Festival
2010-06-16 Requirements Engineering
2010-05-11 Open Source
2010-02-10 The Logic of Self Organising Systems
2010-01-13 BCS/IET: Control Challenges for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
2009-12-16 Cybercrime and the London 2012 Olympics
2009-12-08 Business Change
2009-11-11 EEESTA event: "Waste Not, Want Not"
2009-06-23 Gaining sustainable business value from IT through continuous innovation
2009-06-02 Annual General Meeting 2009
2009-04-22 RPR - a problem diagnosis method for IT people
2009-03-19 Technology Transfer from Motor Sport to Road Cars (BCS Northampton)
2009-03-12 High Performance Computing Technology and Applications
2009-01-15 An Introduction to Delivering Agile Software Projects
2008-11-19 Where is your technology going next? - using Scenario Planning to guide your technology decisions.
2007-09-19 Enigma Variations
2007-06-06 Method-based problem diagnosis
2007-03-27 Offshoring - challenge or opportunity?
2007-02-01 Over 50 Killer Ideas for Delivering Successful Projects
2006-06-06 BCS Birmingham IT Security Conference
2006-03-06 Delivering Transformational Government enabled by Technology
2006-02-15 Solutions for Incident Response and Computer Forensics
2005-12-06 Bedford BCS meeting on SFIA/CPD - Tues. Dec. 6th 2005
2005-11-17 The contribution of the EU's Joint research Centre (JRC) to protecting Europe's Environment
2005-10-19 Inspiring the young Mind
2005-08-25 The Imitation Game, Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind
2005-06-07 BCS Birmingham IT Security Conference
2005-02-10 IT Challenges in Logistics Performance Measurement
2004-11-08 IT reforms in the NHS
2004-05-27 AGM and Bletchley Park visit & tour
2004-04-20 So you want to be a consultant?
2003-02-03 ERP in practice - The users and providers perspective
2002-12-02 The Skills Gap - Creating supply to satisfy demand
2002-11-11 What not to do to succeed as CIO
2002-10-17 Annual Dinner
2002-09-17 Internet Security - A management problem backed up by technology
2002-08-27 Jaguar F1 Racing