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DateTuesday 15 May 2012

18:00 for 18:30


CRB 2/3 Chandos Road Building, University of Buckingham - Maps

SpeakerApplied Computing Department team University of Buckingham

The meeting is an addendum to the HEA workshop on Mobile Application Development

The evening meeting starts at 18:30 and covers Research Activities in Buckingham, Data Mining Techniques for Enterprises, Mobile Applications for Healthcare and other research topics.

BCS members are welcomed to join the morning HEA Mobile Application Development Workshop


BCS Meeting

6:00 Arrival - refreshments
6:30 Welcome by Prof Sabah Jassim, Head of Department
6:35 Research Activities in Applied Computing Buckingham by Prof. Sabah Jassim
6:45 Data Mining for Enterprises by Mr. Hongbo Du Lecturer in Computer Science
6:55 Mobile Applications for Healthcare, Dr. Harin Sellahewa Research Lecturer in Computer Science
7:05 Towards Seamless Localisation on Your Phone, Outdoors and Indoors by Dr. Ihsan Lami, Senior Research Lecturer in Computer Science
7:15 TBA by Dr. Naseer Al-Jawad Lecturer in Computer Science
7:30 Buffet followed by Discussions and Networking session
8:30 Finish
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