Gaining sustainable business value from IT through continuous innovation

DateTuesday 23 Jun 2009



CMRI building, Cranfield University (Building 38, grid D2 on the campus map)

SpeakerVarsha Mistry Cranfield University

Many organisations today use IT to meet a specific need and do not always view it as a tool that can be developed ‘organically’ to best serve the interests of the business. For organizations who have implemented a complex IT system; the results on the usage post implementation can be variable. This scale of usage can range from users fully embracing the tool to those that use it sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

Once the IT system has bedded down however, there are very few organisations that use the current landscape as a basis to further innovate processes, products or services. Most organizations are clearly keen on developing an IT capability; however there is little or no concession for leveraging IT for innovation.

The result of this is that many organizations are not gaining the full benefit of the initial IT investment and there is no view of attaining incremental gains. The culture within many organizations is one of solving IT related business issues or implementing new ideas when the current IT application is de-commissioned.

Cranfield University is starting a new project to research into the current innovative practices to gain additional value from using IT in organisations. At a time when budgets are being squeezed harder, organisations are looking to make their IT spend go further. Innovative ideas and practices are increasingly being sought to further leverage the organisational resources.

The evening will give you the opportunity to learn and share good innovative practices using technology, network and join a community interested in innovative practices which leverage technology.


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