Conversation on Internet Manipulation and Fake News

BCS (Bedford)

DateMonday 12 Apr 2021

18:45 for 19:00-20:30


Online meeting - We'll send the connection details on your confirmation email, once you have booked.

SpeakerConversation led by Andrew Cordani and Ip-Shing Fan

Lincoln Quote? Fake News is seemingly all around us. In the papers. On-line. In your email. In your friends' email and on their social media pages. It is sometimes found alongside articles you're interested in reading. We see it from the corner of our eye and sometimes it's delivered, Trojan-like by unsuspecting friends...

But what is it? Who writes it and why does it exist… and how can we ever be sure whether what we're reading or seeing is fact or fiction?

Attend, take part and find out! You'll discover the secrets that THEY don't want you to know.†

The evening's conversation is hosted by Andrew Cordani and Ip-Shing Fan.

Andrew is an expert Lion Tamer and Cat Herder and Ip-Shing Fan is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound†

† Note: Some of what's written above may not be wholly accurate and truthful.

6.45pm Sign in – Welcome - Networking
7.00pm Conversation on Internet Manipulation and Fake News
7:50pm Virtual Coffee/Tea break
7:55pm Takeaways
8.15pm Q & A and Networking


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