How understanding social media can help your business

DateWednesday 27 Mar 2013

18:00 for 18:30


Studio Theatre, Bedford College, Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42 9AH

SpeakerEric Swain Client Services Director, Equinet media, Bedford.

Continuing the programme of highly successful events held at Bedford College, there will be another joint British Computer Society (BCS) and Bedford College free evening lecture on Wednesday 27 March 2013.

“How understanding social media can help your business ” is the topic of a talk by Eric Swain, Client Services Director at Equinet Media, broadcaster of ‘The Social Media Show’.

You’ve probably noticed: The internet has gone social. And it’s changing the way we communicate. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are buzzing with conversations about brands, products and services. Blog posts are commented on. YouTube videos are shared. And it seems like everybody is tweeting.

The Internet, social technologies and mobile ubiquity have brought about profound changes to the way we interact, communicate and do business. Modern companies need to understand what that means for them and make the changes necessary to compete and thrive in today's marketplace.

But where do you start; and how can you be certain you are getting the right results? This talk by Eric Swain, Client Services Director at Equinet Media, broadcaster of ‘The Social Media Show’, will show you how to run a social media programme that will achieve definite, measurable results.

Topics covered:

  • Why social media

  • Growth in channels, adoption and opportunities

  • Understanding the importance of the social era

  • Effects on our organisations

  • Success with Social Media – how others are doing it now

  • Customer care

  • Product development

  • Leads and Sales

  • B2B vs B2C

  • New business models

  • Case studies

  • Building a social media programme – professional, structured approach

  • Looking at steps involved from beginning to end.


Eric Swain is Client Services Director at Equinet Media and co-presenter of The Social Media Show.

With a background in marketing strategy, social media and mobile technologies, he helps clients make meaningful sense of the brave new world where the customer controls the business ecosystem like never before. He’s been knocking about the place for the past 20 years as a consultant, agency head, director, head of marketing or sales (or both) for companies from tech startups and mobile app developers to brewers and vending machine brokers.

Once described as “smart, good-looking, athletic, persuasive and brilliant” on an anonymous feedback form he claims to have found, Eric is enthusiastic about real, honest communication and enjoys writing his own online bio whenever he gets the chance.

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6.00pm Registration, refreshments and networking
6.30pm Introduction
How understanding the social era can help your business
7.20pm Opportunity to question the speaker
7.45pm Thanks
Opportunity to network and talk to the speaker
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