"User Friendliness - ‘P’ soup"

BCS Bedford IET

DateTuesday 06 Feb 2018

18:30 for 19:00 - 20:00


Tavistock Suite The Park Inn Hotel, 2 St Mary's Street, Bedford MK42 0AR

SpeakerDr John Lockley

Successful IT isn't just about the computer: it's about integrating the Programs, the People, the Protocols, the Paper - and in medicine, the Patients and the Practitioners. (Hence 'P' soup.)

So what makes a program really user-friendly?

We will be exploring the psychology behind the usage of words, screen layout, images and instructions, all of which help or hinder users’ interaction with computer systems.


Photo Dr John Lockley is a recently retired GP with a lifetime's interest and experience in medical software, its design and its use. He is also Chair of the Society of Medical Writers, a discipline playing a large part in the development of user-friendliness.

18:30 Registration, refreshments and networking
19:00 Guest speaker - Dr John Lockley
20:00 Opportunity to network and talk to the speaker

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