Changing Security Behaviours – From Knowing to Doing

BCS (Bedford)

DateTuesday 22 May 2018

08:30 for 18:45 to 20:00


Tavistock Suite The Park Inn Hotel, 2 St Mary's Street, Bedford MK42 0AR

SpeakerAmanda Price, Operations Director, Layer 8

Security We’ve become used to data breaches in the news, whether it’s Wannacry, or – most recently – the National Lottery. Despite media coverage UK businesses are still battling to get employees to understand digital threats, take responsibility, and change their behaviours in order to defend clients’ data. Layer 8 works with businesses to develop security engagement, and change behaviours. Often, employees know what they should do, but they need help to shift the organisational culture to a hands-on response to threats. In this talk we’ll introduce 2 interactive exercises developed by Layer 8 to get employees actively rehearsing their responses to real threats, and playing the hacker in order to review their vulnerabilities.


Amanda’s expertise lies in cultural and behavioural change. She came to the security sector having spent the early part of her career working in theatre as a performer, director and lecturer. In 2013 she co-founded Layer 8 Ltd in order to develop and deliver a range of effective solutions for companies wanting to create a proactive security culture. We’re proud to now be offering a range of solutions which start from the belief that ‘conversations change culture’; that are distinguished by the fact that they’re ‘created by human beings for human beings’, and are successful because they’re ‘training that doesn’t feel like training’.

18:30 Registration, refreshments and networking
18:45 Changing Security Behaviours - From Knowing to Doing
19:45 Opportunity to network and talk to the speaker


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