Biologically Inspired Computing

IET Beds & Herts Network and BCS Bedford Branch

DateWednesday 02 Mar 2016



Cranfield University


Come and hear about potential advances in computing technology that mimic biology to be able to process ever-increasing sizes of data sets.

Several decades ago, a computer required a large, dedicated room. Now, smartphones have more number crunching power than these initial computers. The continuing demand to deal with big data sets and more abstract applications, now requires machines the size of a football field to deliver the equivalent of a human brain. So, a new computing paradigm that can deal more easily with data analysis, with minimal power requirements is necessary. Biological systems have evolved over many decades and have optimised themselves through years of evolution, so while they seem like the perfect example, the real question lies in what can be learned from them to design the next generation of computing systems?

1830-1900 Registration; networking with refreshments
1900-2015 Lecture
2015-2100 Q&A
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