AGM and Bletchley Park visit & tour

DateThursday 27 May 2004



Bletchley Park


As previously published, we are planning to combine this with a visit to Bletchley Park.

It is some time since we last went there, and I understand that many of the exhibits and collections have undergone a considerable amount of work and improvement in the intervening period. I'm sure those who went last time will vouch for what an interesting evening we had, and in fact probably be at the top of the list again this time !

The plan is to combine the AGM with the tour and a quality buffet meal, making a complete evenings programme.

Due to availability of dates from Bletchley Park, we are a little constrained for choice, and the most suitable, which we have selected is:

Friday 27th May 2004 at 18:30

Inevitably, there is an entrance fee to cover the guided tour, together with a souvenir brochure. This is £10.00, but with a concession of £8.00 for the 'golden oldies'.

The buffet afterwards will cost approximately £10.00-12.00 also, but I am sure you will find it excellent value for money. This is optional, of course, so you may leave after the tour.

In order to gauge numbers, I would be grateful if you could let me know at your earliest convenience whether you plan to attend. I realise that circumstances may change, but an early indication would greatly help forward planning, particularly with regard to the catering.

I hope to see many of you there. Precise details will be published a couple of weeks in advance.

Finally of are very welcome, as we hope to make this as much an enjoyable social occasion as a 'business' one.

Shane Barnes

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