Information privacy and security – advanced research in Open University

DateTuesday 15 Feb 2011



Berrill Building, Open University, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

SpeakerResearchers from the Open University

Researchers from the Open University will provide an overview of current research concerning security and privacy, including the Privacy Rights Management for Mobile Applications (PRiMMA) and SecureChange projects.

In the PRiMMA project, we are developing a Privacy Rights Management framework that will enable users to specify and manage the privacy of personal context information generated by a pervasive system. Questions about the nature of privacy and the integration of naturalistic findings from the through innovative user-centred methods into the requirement engineering process are being examined. In the SecureChange project, we are developing techniques and tools to ensure lifelong compliance to evolving security, privacy and dependability requirements for a long-running evolving software system. Working closely with industrial and academic partners in the UK and Europe, our research is aimed at solving both practical and theoretical problems in information security and privacy. Please come along to find out about our work and to talk to us about research challenges and opportunities in your organisation.

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