Online Business Marketing for the Non-Technical

DateWednesday 18 May 2011



Bedford College Studio Theatre (Directions and Map (PDF)

SpeakerStefan Drew

Stefan Drew is regularly introduced by the BBC as the ‘Marketing Magician’ because he can produce effective marketing ideas ‘out of thin air’. Stefan specialises in using low cost and free marketing, much of it online and has helped businesses win ‘more customers, who spend more money, more often’.

Stefan has agreed to share the secrets of his magic ways with Bedford businesses and will demonstrate some free, or low cost, ways in which you can market yourself without needing any technical skills. The topics covered include:

  • How to get your business, product or service on Page One of Google - and how our speaker uses this technique to gain customers from the other side of the world.
  • How to obtain the names of your website visitors - and how to keep in touch with them for years after their visit.
  • How to automatically discover what people are saying about you, your business and your competitors - without leaving your desk.
  • How to get your business, products or services in the paper, in magazines and on websites worldwide - and how this free online technique results in our speaker being regularly interviewed on radio.
  • Why you should promote your business on Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Places and Satnav - and how to do so without spending anything!


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