Requirements Engineering

DateWednesday 16 Jun 2010

19:00 for 19:30


CSA Lounge, Building 114, Cranfield University, MK43 0AL.

SpeakerIan Alexander chairman of the BCS Requirements Engineering Specialist Group, Consultant

Ian Alexander is an independent consultant, trainer and author specialising in Requirements Engineering, often using DOORS / DXL as the platform.

He is the lead author of Writing Better Requirements (Addison-Wesley, 2002), Scenarios, Stories, Use Cases (Wiley, 2004), and Discovering Requirements (Wiley, 2009) .

He is the chairman of the BCS Requirements Engineering Specialist Group. He is a Chartered Engineer.


In this evening mini-tutorial, Ian Alexander will answer the question Why Requirements?, and will show with short group exercises on Goals and Scenarios how to get started on discovering and structuring the requirements for systems and software.

Ian will be available after the tutorial to sign copies of his latest book Discovering Requirements, at a healthy Amazon discount.

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