BCS App-a-thon Guinness World Records Challenge

DateSaturday 13 Jun 2015



Various locations - see registration link.


On Saturday the 13th June, BCSWomen will undertake a Guinness World Record attempt to achieve the largest number of individuals learning to code an Android App.

We have opened up numerous teaching locations across the UK (to date we have approximately 30 locations (some open to the public, some specific to companies)) and will be teaching the FREE Android Workshop which some of you may have seen before.

We now need to get as many people to those locations as possible because we need to achieve more than 1000 learners to break the record.

The workshop will run from 10:30 - 15:00 on the 13th and those who are interested to come along need to register at: http://www.bcs.org/content/ConWebDoc/54172

We can't accept children under the age of ten, and, as you will see from the web link, older children and teenagers need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. But this is not just open to the youngsters. We want everyone to see what fun IT can be because we love our profession and are passionate about technology. Attendees need to bring their own laptops, but some locations have a few spare ones (you should enquire if you are struggling). They should also bring an Android Smartphone if they have one (but there is an emulator if necessary).

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