High Performance Computing Technology and Applications

DateThursday 12 Mar 2009



CSA Lounge, Cranfield University


The Cranfield's HP XC High Performance Computing cluster ranks in the world's 200 most powerful computers (estimated). The 856 processor HP XC Cluster is an industrial-grade, production-ready system that represents the next generation of cluster system architecture for high-performance technical computing. The HP XC Cluster employs the state-of-the-art, DDR Infiniband, high-speed interconnect throughout.

HP XC Clusters provide a comprehensive, supported solution for serial and parallel applications, complemented by a robust application development environment and extensive ISV application portfolio.

The delegates have the opportunity to visit the HPC cluster and the facilities. Application projects of using the cluster to solve problems in aerospace engineering, digital signal processing, life and material sciences, and others will be presented.

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